• “Time and Emotion understand strategic needs. They apply economies of scope and scale. IFCAs bought one and got two free websites.”

    Rob Clark, Chief Officer at Association of IFCAs
  • “It was the first time to my mind that we proved we could turn our primary data into an app which fits our strategic goals to build more value into primary data which has increasing competition from free data.”

    Graeme Digby, Prdduct Manager at Lexis Nexis
  • “Lean Scenes are effective change tools. When we reported 1-up, 2-up emergence and alignment were explained, discussed, and understood by all."

    James Hegan Smith, End User Service Manager, Harrods
  • “The trans-national and team well-being measurement and discussions were very helpful. After six weeks of lean scenes we reported a measurable improvement. That is fast for SAFe.”

    Markus Schütz, Technical Team Lead, GfK

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